The Welsh government has been accused of gross hypocrisy and ‘abusing devolution’ over its recalling of the Assembly to debate Brexit today.

Members of the Welsh Assembly are meeting to debate a Labour motion which calls on members of the Westminster Parliament to block a no-deal Brexit, but not all Welsh Assembly Members support the recall.

Independent AM Michelle Brown has accused the Welsh government of wasting tax-payers money discussing an issue ‘they have no mandate or power to affect’, she said: “Brexit is not one of the powers devolved to the Welsh Assembly. Normally when we ask the government to put pressure on the UK government to change a non-devolved policy, the First Minister refuses to answer.

“He has refused to properly answer questions about abolishing the bedroom tax, foreign policy and even a question I asked about blocking men who have raped women from having access rights to see any child born from that rape. Yet when it comes to trying to thwart the will of the Welsh electorate over Brexit, over which he has no power – you can’t shut him up.”

The North Wales AM has refused to attend the recalled parliament session.

She added: “The whole point of our level of devolvement from Westminster is that there are some areas, like education, that Westminster can’t interfere with but there remain some areas, like defence and foreign policy that the UK government have power over, and the welsh electorate seem happy with that. It is not the Welsh government’s place to interfere in matters that are not devolved, otherwise we have to accept that Westminster could interfere in areas we are supposed to be in control of ourselves.

“There is no way the UK government or leader of the opposition are going to change their positions because of anything Welsh AMs say, and the Welsh Government know it. This recall is nothing more than a tax-payer funded party-political broadcast.

“When Labour talk about wanting to take a no-deal off the table, what they really mean is stopping us leaving the EU.

“Instead of going to the debate, I will remain in my region and work for the benefit of the people I represent, instead of merely working for the benefit of a political party, as those that have orchestrated the recall are doing.”


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