“There are many in this place and others who will do all they can to ignore the will of the voters and attempt to reverse the democratic decision made at the referendum, or who aim to leave the EU in name only….Rather than accept that the public disagreed with them, they try to redefine what Welsh people were expressing through the ‘leave’ vote…”

Recently, I took part in the debate on the report, ‘How is the Welsh Government preparing for Brexit?’ by the External Affairs & Additional Legislation Committee and made a few observations about the Remainers’ strategy.  The Remainers in the chamber didn’t like it, but I was pleased to see coverage of my speech in the Daily Express. X

Soon after Wales and the rest of the UK voted to leave the EU, Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru – after a period of stunned and uncomprehending silence – produced a White Paper called, “Securing Wales’ Future”.  The White Paper is really the Remainers’ template for a fake Brexit.

The Remainer Welsh Government (there’s not a single Brexiter in the Labour group which includes the Welsh Cabinet) does not understand why we and so many other people in Wales voted to leave the EU.  Having voted to Remain, they have no insight into why the rest of us disagreed with them or would want to leave the EU.

But in true “we know best” style, the Remainers have defined what “leave” meant for the Leavers.  Here’s what they think we wanted when we put our cross in that Leave box back on Independence Day:

  • To remain in the Single Market / Customs Union

  • That free movement from the EU should continue

  • For the EU to continue making our laws & market regulations

  • The EU Courts to continue to have the right to over-rule ours; and

  • That we’d be willing to pay for the “privilege” of having to put up with the above

That’s not Brexit of course.  So, that brings me onto the report by the Committee into how Welsh Government is preparing for Brexit and the concern I have arising out of a comparatively innocuous report.

The report’s recommendations were around the communications Welsh Government is having with businesses and public authorities and the measurers they are taking in Wales in preparation for Brexit.  But, as I said in the debate, if the Welsh Government goes back to businesses and says, ‘We know we told you a leave vote would be a disaster, but, actually, now we know it’s the opposite,’ they will lose the tiny wisp of credibility they may still possess.

The question is: Will the Welsh Government put the wishes of the Welsh people ahead of its allegiance to the EU and recognise the opportunities for Wales when delivering on the recommendations of that report, or not?  Watch this space….

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