We could help the high street by making them more car friendly!

I think the chairman of Timpson’s is right when he says that making our high street’s more car friendly would go at least some way to stopping the growing desolate nature of many of our once vibrant local business scenes. If local authorities spent less time making it inconvenient for drivers to visit high streets and spent more time making it easy, perhaps our town centre’s wouldn’t be in the state they are today.

International Women’s Day, Education & Welsh Government failures

While the Government’s warm words regarding gender equality sound good and I share their vision that Wales should be a country in which influence, power and resources are shared equally, the single best thing we could do to achieve that is provide girls with a world class education, something this Government has utterly failed to deliver on.

More complacency and denial from the Cabinet Secretary for Health over Betsy Cadwalladr

Betsi Cadwalladr has been in special measures as a health board since 2015 and under the direct control of the Welsh Government.

During that time improvements have been limited and have run at a snails pace, while the Cabinet Secretary seems intent on spreading the blame around – ignoring the fact that the Welsh Government have been responsible for health as a devolved matter since 1999.

Challenging the Cabinet Secretary for Finance on delivering the Brexit Wales voted for

Despite a majority of Welsh people opting to leave the European Union in the referendum of 2016, you’d be forgiven for wondering why so few in the Senedd are trying to implement that result. Instead, the Cardiff Bay bubble is acting just like the Westminster bubble – undermining, insulting and fundamentally rejecting the decision of Wales.

Published by Benjamin Mackenzie on behalf of Michelle Brown AM © 2020. All Rights Reserved.