Fining parents for pupil absence has no impact on attendance rates!

Despite a report last year making clear that fining parents for taking their kids out of school in term time had no impact on attendance rates, the Education minister still supports it.

Now we’re discussing the imposition on schools of an extra inset day. Is it right that the state can deny a child 5-6 days of education, but parents will get fined for doing the same, often taking their children on holidays that they simply couldn’t afford during the summer holiday period?

We could help the high street by making them more car friendly!

I think the chairman of Timpson’s is right when he says that making our high street’s more car friendly would go at least some way to stopping the growing desolate nature of many of our once vibrant local business scenes. If local authorities spent less time making it inconvenient for drivers to visit high streets and spent more time making it easy, perhaps our town centre’s wouldn’t be in the state they are today.

Published by Benjamin Mackenzie on behalf of Michelle Brown AM © 2020. All Rights Reserved.