Don’t fall for these recent lies about me:

Recently an article appeared on a news website that implied I had tried but failed to join the Brexit party.

This implication is totally untrue.

Sadly, fake-news seems to travel fast and an anonymous post on Wikipedia has since used the article as ‘evidence’ of my ‘rejected attempt’ to join the party.

Hand on heart, I can tell you that I have never sought, nor do I intend to seek, to join the Brexit Party.

As part of my interest in Wales getting the Brexit that the majority of Welsh voters want, I attended one of the publicly advertised Brexit Party rallies, to see for myself what the new party is like.

While it was uplifting to see the large numbers of the public at the rally, demanding that the establishment gives us the Brexit we voted for, disappointingly I found that the ‘new’ party itself is anything but new. It is largely made up of the same old faces from Ukip Wales, who have simply ditched their displays of purple for light blue.

Although I would like the upcoming Euro-elections to result in the UK properly leaving the EU, I would not consider joining a party or movement that is made up of many of the people who had a hand in shaping the Ukip in Wales that was self-destructive and served only to further the interests of a limited number of people in the party.

The irony is that a party that says it wants a new kind of politics, is now pushing out fake news (about me).  I would have hoped that the Brexit Party in Wales would have more important things on their minds right now than commenting on non-existent situations.

I totally understand why many people will be voting for the Brexit Party this week, it is a very effective way of making our nation’s majority Brexit voice heard, but as a serious political force for good in the future, (once leaving the EU is no longer an issue) the Brexit Party is not one I have any faith in.  They simply cannot deliver the changes Wales needs.

I regret that (the staunch Remain journalist) Martin Shipton didn’t contact me to verify the facts before he produced his misleading article.

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