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Hello and welcome to my website. I am Michelle Brown, member of the Welsh Parliament for North Wales. You can find my latest speech in defence of the Welsh decision to leave the EU below.

As a North Wales member of the Welsh Parliament, I am always looking to advertise what’s going on here. Therefore, if you have any events you’d like advertised, along with any news from North Wales that might be of interest, please contact me and I’ll try and bring it to people’s attention.

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The Welsh Assembly STILL won’t accept Brexit!
The Welsh Assembly STILL won’t accept Brexit!

My contribution to the Welsh Assembly on the Legislative Consent Motion for our withdrawal from the European Union. Despite dragging…

The Cost of a Labour run NHS in Wales
The Cost of a Labour run NHS in Wales

I recently took part in a debate in the Welsh Assembly to oppose the ridiculous proposal by Betsi Cadwalladr to water down the standards of the nurses who are employed there. Betsi Cadwalladr has been directly run by the Welsh Labour Government for years, giving us a brilliant illustration of the cost of the Labour Party to our NHS in Wales.

Fixing Business Rates and Rate Relief in Wales
Fixing Business Rates and Rate Relief in Wales

I recently questioned the Minister for Finance whether the Welsh Government could play more of a role in assisting councils and small and medium-sized businesses in the area of business rates and business rate relief. Our town centre’s are dying and I feel as if the Welsh Government could be doing much more to reverse this trend.

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Don’t fall for these recent lies about me: Recently an article appeared on a news website that implied I had…

Labour, Plaid Cymru & their bid for a fake brexit

The Remainer Welsh Government (there’s not a single Brexiter in the Labour group which includes the Welsh Cabinet) does not understand why we and so many other people in Wales voted to leave the EU. Having voted to Remain, they have no insight into why the rest of us disagreed with them or would want to leave the EU.

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